No doubt, for perfect shearing with our carpet shearing machines you need a dust extractor just as good as the machines.

For this we developed especially for continuous operation the dust extractor system, type AS 200. The core piece is a precisely operating side channel compress. (non contact vacuum generator).

The AS 200 is characterized by its:

Absauganlage AS 200 von Hofmann Handtuft-Technik Masterfinish

    • very sturdy construction
    • quiet and even running
    • robust (long service-life)
    • no wearing parts
    • mobile
    • large capacity (200 l barrel)
    • easy to empty (fluff is collected in a bag inside the barrel.)
    • suction intake filter protects the unit

  • 2 connections ø 50 for:
    • 1 stationary carpet shearing machine, suct.-hose ø 50 mm
    • mobile carpet shearing machine, suction hose ø 50 mm
    • 2 hand driven electr.-shearing mach. TS 120 U or TS 120 W, suction hose ø 35 mm

Technical Data:

Electr.-drive: three-phase current motor
motor protection switch and 5 m cable
Power: motor 2,2 KW
2,8 m³/min, 200 mbar
Volume: 200 l
Weight: approx. 90 kg
Dimensions: approx. 1,2x 0,7×1,25m

Necessary Accessories

for TS 300 T and MTS:

1 suction hose type SS 50 ø 50 mm, length as requested

for TS 120 U, TS 120 W, TFS 120 and ST 120:

1 (2) suction hose type SS 35, ø 35 mm, length 4,8 m
1 (2) adapter type AD 35 for suction hose SS 35 on AS 200

Download AS 200 leaflet